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Syntel PS Admin Interview Questions

Below is the list of questions which are submitted by one of our readers who gave interview in Syntel for a PeopleSoft Admin role. These questions were actual interview questions that were asked.. Tell me something about your experience Current environment Have you worked on PeopleTools Upgrade How often do you do monthly install in […]

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PeopleSoft DBA Interview Questions – Part3

1)      Tell about yourself and responsibilities ? 2)      What are the  basic day to day activities? 3)      What is report notes? 4)      What is jolt? 5)      What is PIA? 6)      What are the basic services? 7)      What is the PeopleSoft security? 8)      In 7.5 to 8.8 what is the security difference? 9)      Difference in All ID? […]

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