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What are AlterAudit, Sysaudit and DDDAudit reports in PeopleSoft

Alter Audit is a process that identifies any records that require SQL Alter process. i.e. if the Data Designer definition doesn’t match Database definition. All records that are flagged should be Altered. SQL Alter – The primary purpose of the Application Designer’s “SQL Alter” function is to bring SQL tables into accordance with PeopleTools record […]

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PeopleSoft Token authentication failed: issuing node PSFT_HR is not a trusted node

If you’ve implemented single signon and it may cease to work in certain situations like when database refresh is done or PIA is reinstalled. You can get error like “PeopleSoft Token authentication failed: issuing node PSF_HR is not a trusted node.” Single signon setup usually breaks when you do a database refresh and do not exclude […]

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Unable to Find a Routing Corresponding to the Incoming Request Message (158,505)

PeopleSoft Integration Broker has several settings, which you need to remember. Many a times when an issue remains unresolved for long, I end up thinking – this is such a trivial issue and still I’m unable to resolve it. What did I do the last time? I wrote a post on one such issue some […]

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PeopleSoft Glossary of Terms (A)

PeopleSoft Glossary of Terms: A Absence Entitlement – This element defines rules for granting paid time off for valid absences, such as sick time, vacation, and maternity leave. An absence entitlement element defines the entitlement amount, frequency, and entitlement period. Absence Take – This element defines the conditions that must be met before a payee […]

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What’s up with PeopleSoft 9.3

All the PeopleSoft customers agree on one thing – the product is excellent but upgrades have been expensive as well as disruptive. This has led to many PeopleSoft customers in similar situation where the preferred path is to upgrade as infrequently as possible and/or wait for multiple releases before deciding on upgrade. Business drives customers […]

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Free eBook – Discover SharePoint

SharePoint is about giving you and the people you work with a better way to get things done together. That means your content is stored and organized in one place. You can access it from virtually anywhere and share it with anyone. SharePoint gives you all kinds of ways to plan projects, stay in sync with each other, and […]

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July Newsletter

Hopefully you are enjoying the summer. Days are getting hot and the job market for PeopleSoft consultants is getting hotter. Especially in demand are the consultants for the 9.2 upgrade – almost every one is doing upgrade now-a-days. Some of the most referenced keywords in our website reflect the same trend : PeopleSoft Remote Lab, […]

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Deploying Search Definition Errors Out with Message “The current user has insufficient privileges to complete this operation”

When attempting to deploy a search definition in Search Framework, the deploy for most Search Definitions results in application timing out, or user gets the following “insufficient permissions” error: “The current user has insufficient privileges to complete this operation” This error can occurr for multiple reasons including: 1) User does not have sufficient privileges to […]

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PeopleTools 8.54 Will Support 64-bit PeopleTools Development Client

PeopleSoft is supported on various 64-bit platforms but PeopleSoft development tools (eg. App Designer, Datamover) are still 32-bit. Currently, if your PeopleSoft application is installed using Oracle 64-bit database and you’re using Oracle 64-bit client to connect to database, you won’t be able to log into PeopleSoft Application Designer or Data Mover. Note: Application Server […]

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