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Apurva is a PeopleSoft consultant and a big advocate of everything PeopleSoft. He is also a technology enthusiast and loves learning and implementing newer and open source technologies. He spends his spare time updating this blog and likes to read books on self help and productivity.


How to Find PeopleSoft Processes/PSJobs in a Recurrence

Do you want to find out all processes and jobs running under a particular recurrence? Use this SQL below: SELECT process_job_name,  description, recurname FROM   ps_prcsrecur a, (SELECT p.prcsname  AS Process_Job_name, p.descr     AS Description, p.recurname AS recurname FROM   ps_prcsdefn p UNION SELECT jp.prcsjobame AS Process_Job_name, (SELECT j.descr FROM   ps_prcsdefn j WHERE  j.prcsname = jp.prcsname) AS Description, jp.recurname AS recurname FROM   ps_prcsjobdefn j,  ps_prcsjobitem jp WHERE  j.prcsjobname = jp.prcsjobname) b WHERE b.recurname = a.recurname AND a.recurname = :1 ORDER  BY 1

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Query result set too large, (124,87). Result of (SQL Fetch) is over the maximum result size specified for the application server.

One of the common errors encountered while running a PSQuery is: “Query result set too large, (124,87). Result of (SQL Fetch) is over the maximum result size specified for the application server.“ As the error message suggests, this error has been caused due to huge result size, which the application server is unable to render […]

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PSQuery Tables

PSQuery tables are all PeopleTools tables. Here is the complete list of PeopleTools meta tables that store all the possible information about PSQueries. The below list of PSQuery tables is correct for PeopleTools 8.57 release. It could vary slightly in earlier and later versions. This list is super helpful in situations when you might need […]

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SQL to Retrieve Navigation of a Process in PeopleSoft

Following SQL is used to find out all Processes Defined in PeopleSoft System. Additionally this query also provides Components attached with Process Definition and Navigation from where this process can be executed. This query is tested on Oracle platform. Select S.prcsname,S.prcstype, S.pnlgrpname,N.navigation From (Select A.prcsname, A.prcstype,B.pnlgrpname From PS_PRCSDEFN A, PS_PRCSDEFNPNL B Where A.prcsname = B.prcsname) […]

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