What’s up with PeopleSoft 9.3

by Ryan on August 27, 2014

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All the PeopleSoft customers agree on one thing – the product is excellent but upgrades have been expensive as well as disruptive. This has led to many PeopleSoft customers in similar situation where the preferred path is to upgrade as infrequently as possible and/or wait for multiple releases before deciding on upgrade. Business drives customers […]

PeopleSoft Application Engine for PeopleTools 8.54 has been updated with new features especially with more options for AE Trace settings. This post will help you understand new AE features with 8.54 and how to use those. Application Engine trace file split You can set the file size of the Application Engine Trace file. Whenever the […]

Introduction to Linux is normally a $2,400 course from the Linux Foundation, but it’s being offered for free now on edX. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to use the open source operating system, there’s no better time than now. Is there any better way to spend this summer? The free Linux course starts […]

Oracle has added great new features with PeopleTools 8.54. One important area where you will notice significant changes is System and Server Administration. Features such as Portable PS_HOME, Container databases are example of newly added features. In this post, you will learn about the new features that have been added to PeopleSoft System and Server […]

In our past posts, we have already discussed about the changes in PeopleSoft Login Page, PeopleSoft Change Assistant & PeopleSoft Application Designer that were introduced with PeopleTools 8.54. In this post, lets quickly review the new features for PeopleSoft Process Scheduler. In almost all the organizations using PeopleSoft applications, PeopleSoft Process Scheduler is widely used […]

The most important tool for any PeopleSoft Developer is PeopleSoft Application Designer and any enhancements or update to this tool impacts PeopleSoft Developers. Oracle does deliver few changes to Application Designer features every now and then with PeopleTools releases. With release of PeopleTools 8.54, Oracle has again added few more features to this already robust […]

PeopleSoft CFO (Cumulative Feature Overview) tool has gotten a new upgrade from excel based tool to brand new web based tool. This new tool has similar features that were earlier present in the excel based CFO tool but it has a brand new look and its easy accessibility over the web makes it more useful. […]

Here is a quick and free guide on useful tmadmin commands. You can use this reference guide to automate several of your psadmin tasks. And the best part is that the more you understand the commands, better your understanding of the system will be. You can download the useful tmadmin commands guide here: Share this […]

Not long ago, social media was considered as a distraction from work and many organizations had even banned the use of several social media in their offices. As social media gained roots, companies realized they can no longer ignore social media and they started to implement social media in ways that they can take advantage […]

When performing diagnostic test to verify PeopleSoft and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search connectivity, you may face an error at “STEP 2: Deploy” or “STEP3: Crawl” The error will be something like: Content/Portal URL not defined for node HCM92DEV (262,81) PTSF_FEED.SESFeedDataSource.OnExecute  Name:execute  PCPC:16168  Statement:281 Called from:PTFP_FEED.Feed.OnExecute  Name:execute  Statement:677 Called from:PTFP_FEED.FeedFactory.OnExecute  Name:getFeedDoc  Statement:244 Called from:PTSF_RNDTRP_WRK.PTSF_RNDTRIP_CRAWL.FieldChange  Statement:46 Content/Portal […]

PeopleTools 8.54 brings lots of changes to PeopleSoft user interface. With introduction of PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface, PeopleSoft applications can be made flexible and the application display can be changed dynamically based on user’s device type. Design changes have also impacted PeopleSoft maintenance tool i.e. Change Assistant and there are significant changes made to it.  […]

PeopleTools 8.54 was released last weekend and today we finished the installation of HCM9.2 & PT 8.54. After creating database and configuring Application Server & WebServer, we were eager to log into PeopleSoft application running on new tools release. PeopleSoft Login Page is completely changed from what we were used to see for pre-8.54 tools […]

PeopleTools 8.54: 64-bit Development Client is Here

by Prashant July 14, 2014

You might already know that PeopleTools 8.53 development clients such as application designer, data mover were 32 bit applications and needed 32-bit Oracle client to connect to Oracle database. Starting with PeopleTools 8.54, PeopleTools development client is now a 64-bit application and you won’t need to install Oracle 32 bit client for PeopleTools.  Having a […]

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PeopleTools 8.54: Developing PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Applications

by Prashant July 14, 2014

PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface is one of the most significant feature in PeopleTools 8.54. It gives flexibility to a developer to dynamically change the PeopleSoft applications display based on user’s device type. As a developer you would still be using PeopleSoft Application Designer to create Fluid pages but there will be some difference when it […]

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PeopleTools 8.54: PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Features

by Prashant July 14, 2014

PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface is one of the most talked about features of PeopleTools 8.54. It was discussed in many seminars, videos, blog posts and within PeopleSoft community. Now that PeopleTools 8.54 is here, it’s time to learn more about this new PeopleSoft user interface. PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface is a new user interface for […]

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PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.54 Certification Guide

by Apurva July 14, 2014

PeopleTools 8.54 has been released and you can install it using easy step by step PeopleTools 8.54 installation. One of the first steps before you start PeopleTools 8.54 installation is that you verify the certified list of hardware and software. This list can be obtained from My Oracle Support as well, but for your quick […]

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PeopleTools 8.54: How to Install PeopleTools 8.54

by Prashant July 13, 2014

Oracle finally released the latest version of PeopleTools i.e. PeopleTools 8.54 on 11 July 2014. PeopleTools 8.54 has some really nice features which we will explore in upcoming posts. This post is to help you install PeopleTools 8.54 on Windows Platform. Step1: Download PeopleTools 8.54 Setup files from Oracle edelivery site (edelivery.oracle.com). PeopleTools 8.54 setup […]

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Free eBook – Discover SharePoint

by Apurva July 11, 2014

SharePoint is about giving you and the people you work with a better way to get things done together. That means your content is stored and organized in one place. You can access it from virtually anywhere and share it with anyone. SharePoint gives you all kinds of ways to plan projects, stay in sync with each other, and […]

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