PeopleSoft Tutorial - Part 62

PeopleSoft Financials – Commonly Used Tables

PeopleSoft Financials – Commonly Used Tables VENDORS VENDOR             Vendor Header Table – Main Vendor table which contains many important fields related to the vendor. (i.e. Vendor ID, Name, Address) VENDOR_LOC         Vendor Location – Location Information for each Vendor VENDOR_ADDR         Vendor Address – Address Information for each Vendor VENDOR_WTHD_JUR […]

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Understanding PeopleSoft Portal Solutions

There has been an explosion of information and applications with the advent of internet and PeopleSoft Portal Solutions is a smart way to make your enterprise accessible through one door. PeopleSoft Portal Solutions is capable of binding together all the web based applications of an enterprise, including non-PeopleSoft applications. Non-PeopleSoft and PeopleSoft applications such as […]

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Understanding Statuses for Asynchronous Service Operations

For asynchronous service operations, the Service Operations Monitor displays different statuses as service operations progress through the system. The typical status progression for asynchronous service operations is: New -> Started -> Working -> Done However, you will find messages in a lot different statuses. Here is brief description of each asynchronous service operations. Canceled:  The item has been canceled. […]

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