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How to Perform Load Testing in PeopleSoft

Load testing has several names – load testing, stress testing, regression testing, performance testing, scalability testing and so on. Essentially what these names refer to a testing where you can simulate the real-time environment and perform testing before you go-live with your system. When it comes to PeopleSoft, such scenarios are common when you plan to go live with a new PeopleSoft module or plan to do an application or PeopleTools upgrade. Before you go-live, you want to test the ‘upgraded system or instance’ for it’s strength, breaking point etc to ensure that the application is fine tuned. If you’re lucky enough – you’ll hit a few breaking points and hopefully you would be able to resolve them before you go live in production.

Oracle Application Testing Suite or OATS is a tool you can use for such a purpose. OATS is a great tool for testing web based applications, including PeopleSoft. Oracle Application Testing Suite primarily has 3 parts:

  • Oracle OpenScript is an updated scripting platform for creating automated extensible test scripts in Java.
  • Oracle Load Testing for load, scalability and stress testing. Oracle Load Testing also includes tools for server side monitoring and reporting
  • Oracle Test Manager for organizing and managing your overall testing process.

Our aim is introduce you to the Oracle Application Testing Suite and provide step-by-step tutorials to help you do performance testing in PeopleSoft or other applications.

1. Introduction to Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.x

This video explains Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.2 products: Oracle Functional Testing, Oracle Load Testing and Oracle Test Manager

2. Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.x: OpenScript for Functional Testing Overview

This video introduces Oracle OpenScript functional testing module that is a part of the Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.x. The video covers the basic operations that are commonly performed at the startup time

3. Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.x: Oracle Load Testing Overview

This video introduces Oracle Load Testing, which is a part of Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.x. The recording consists of a slide based overview (15 min) that describes the basic product concepts and architecture, followed by the product demonstration for generating Load Testing Script in OpenScript (10 min), and running the script in Oracle Load Testing (25 min).

4. Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.x: Oracle Test Manager Overview

This video covers how to install and configure Oracle Test Manager and manage test assets.

You can download Oracle Application Testing Suite from here. Follow the videos, create your scripts, load test them and manage your test cycle for a great implementation or upgrade.

If you’re unable to resolve any issue – let us know in the comments section below.

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