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PUM Error: Source and Target must be the same product line

In another recent post, we discussed how to fix PUM Error: Incompatible PeopleTools version and in this post we will learn how to fix another PUM error – ‘PUM source and target must be the same productline’. PUM Error: Source and Target must be the same product line   WHEN does this error occur? This […]

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Certifications for PeopleTools 8.57

In case you haven’t heard, PeopleTools 8.57 has been released and is available for PeopleSoft customers to install and deploy. Just like every new PeopleTools version, this release also comes with lot of new features. You can go through all the new features for PeopleTools 8.57 here. What is PeopleTools certifications? PeopleTools certifications is the […]

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5 fairly new terms in PeopleSoft applications you may not know about

In last few years, PeopleSoft technology has evolved a lot with addition of new tools, techniques and processes. If you haven’t been paying attention and are still working on old PeopleTools then you’re missing a lot on these exciting new features such as Fluid, Classic Plus, PUM , Elastic search etc. Introduction of all these […]

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PT 8.57 – Preview Fluid Pages in Application Designer

Now you can preview PeopleSoft Fluid pages inside your Application Designer without even leaving the Application Designer window. This new feature is enabled in PeopleTools 8.57 application designer and can be used anytime you’re working on page design. In below example, here is a delivered Fluid Page and you can see how it will appear […]

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PeopleTools 8.57 – Page field property window in Application Designer

One of the newest features in PeopleSoft development area is ‘Page Field property window’ in Application Designer. This feature added in PeopleTools 8.57 is an excellent addition and is sure to improve developers’ productivity as it comes in really handy and provides easy access to ‘Page Field Property’ information. When you open a page in […]

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PeopleTools 8.57 – Database Name shown in Application Designer Title Bar

Every PeopleTools release comes with new features to help customers utilize PeopleSoft application to its fullest. It’s not just the end users who get benefited from latest features, but there are tools that improve productivity of PeopleSoft developers also. Latest version of PeopleTools – 8.57 is also packed with hundreds of features that are designed […]

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PeopleTools 8.57 is available now

Long wait is over now… PeopleTools 8.57 which was available for Oracle Cloud customers for past few months, is now available for everyone. PeopleTools 8.57 was released on Jan 14, 2019 and can be downloaded from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (known as edelivery). These new files are now available in DPK format only as VCDs […]

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PUM : Import Error – No module named yaml

Deploying PeopleSoft Images is fairly straight forward as long as you follow the directions properly. Sometimes even a slight deviation from the defined process might cause issues with your PeopleSoft Image. Here is an example when you try to import PeopleSoft Image by running ‘psft-dpk-setup.bat’ file. This file is extracted from first part of downloaded […]

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