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Unable to open PeopleTools objects in Application Designer

PeopleSoft developers regularly use PeopleSoft Application Designer to view/modify PeopleTools Objects such as fields, records, pages, components etc. Developer’s login access to Application Designer is controlled by PeopleSoft Security configured in PIA. Depending on user’s role you can grant read/write access or read only access. In both the cases developer should be able to open […]

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What are AlterAudit, Sysaudit and DDDAudit reports in PeopleSoft

Alter Audit is a process that identifies any records that require SQL Alter process. i.e. if the Data Designer definition doesn’t match Database definition. All records that are flagged should be Altered. SQL Alter – The primary purpose of the Application Designer’s “SQL Alter” function is to bring SQL tables into accordance with PeopleTools record […]

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Assigning PeopleSoft Administrator Role

PeopleSoft Administrator Role is special system role that can be assigned to user profiles. Unlike other PeopleSoft roles, you can’t see the permission list (PSADMIN) associated to this role. Even if you search for this role in PeopleTools > Security > Permissions & Roles > Roles, you won’t find it. Try to open up the […]

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