Responsive Design is an Advanced and In-Depth textbook on the concepts of PeopleSoft User Interface development.

It provides theory and practical instruction on how to automatically adjust a user interface depending on device size, and even how to adjust as a user changes the orientation (potrait and landscape) of a device.

To make your apps Mobile Ready - you need to understand Responsive Design. ​

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In today's fast paced environment, techonology is changing every day. Like other applications, PeopleSoft is also updated to meet latest standards. As a PeopleSoft Consultant, we have to be on our toes & keep ourselves updated by learning new skills & especially in areas that impact your job & career. Responsive design is such a concept which you need to learn at the earliest to get an edge over other PeopleSoft consultants.
This book removes all your obstacles in the way of mastering PS Fluid.
Responsive Design provides the theory and practical instruction on how to automatically adjust a user interface depending on device type (computer, smart phone or tablet) and device orientation (portrait or landscape). 

This book explains why we do the things that we do in Fluid. 
Peoplebooks is a great resource but sometimes there is too much of information to grasp and end result is more confusion. Unlike the available documentation, which does not explain the reasoning behind - after reading this book will learn why we do the things that we do in Fluid. It goes even deeper into some concepts covered in PeopleSoft Fluid. 
Controller Class, Viewports, CSS Concepts...
You will learn Controller Class concept coding in terms of the Model View Controller pattern, and this book will provide a Controller template to use in all Fluid app projects. 
Viewports, Visual and Advanced CSS...
Responsive Design then discusses viewports, visual and layout viewports, and the techniques needed to provide a consistent experience across any device. Advanced CSS concepts are discussed, and how to use CSS selectors within a Fluid App to add style to the UI. 
All the concepts laid out properly...

 The book then puts all of these concepts together as it uses a modular-designed application to explain the techniques of responding to device characteristics. It explains how to define breakpoints, and how to make your application respond to these breakpoints. Specifically, the book uses three techniques to achieve a responsive application: Form Factor Overrides,  PeopleCode, and Media Queries.
Using techniques to create applications for tomorrow!
 Finally, the book offers advice on when to use these different techniques to provide applications that respond properly to the the devices and environment they are used from.


“Dan is a master teacher. I absolutely loved the first book on PeopleSoft Fluid.
I'm sure he will better himself with Responsive Design.”

Heath Truxillo - PeopleSoft Consultant

A Book To Become Expert

This tutorial is intended for PeopleSoft developers, who use PeopleTools to create web applications. Prior experience in PeopleTools is desirable, but not required. Throughout this tutorial, detailed instructions and screen prints will guide you in the activities.

Practice Approach

After spending several months learning Fluid technology, this book was developed using an unique approach - easy to understand and learn with practice. You will learn to manage, deploy and customize delivered fluid applications. You will also develop the knowledge and skills to create your own.

A Word From The Author

My first book was PeopleSoft Fluid, which provided introductory instructions on developing PeopleSoft Fluid applications.
Hundreds of postitive comments received motivated me to write the advanced version  - Responsive Design.
While PeopleSoft Fluid provides introductory instructions for developing Fluid applications, Responsive Design provides Advanced instructions on how to make these applications perform consistently across any device type in an organization.