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Complete List of PeopleSoft Tables

I could not find this else where and hence, I decided to build one myself – a complete list of PeopleSoft tables. Often a times when working on something like a PeopleSoft issue or a PeopleSoft upgrade, you feel the need to have a handly list of PeopleSoft tables.

What we’ve tried here is to provide a huge list of PeopleSoft Tables so that when you want to have quick access to PeopleSoft Tools Tables and their usage, then you can simply head over to this post.



PeopleSoft Object Definition Tables

PSACTIVITYDEFN  Activity definitions are stored
PSAESECTDEFN  Stores the application engine section definitions
PSAESTEPDEFN  Stores the application engine step definitions
PSAESTEPMSGDEFN  Stores the messages of the AE programs
PSPCMPROG  Peoplecode programs stored
PSSQLTEXTDEFN  Application engine sql
PSAEAPPLDEFN  Application engine program name
PSMENUDEFN  Menu names
PSPNLDEFN  Page names
PSPNLGROUP  Stores Component definitions
PSBCDEFN  Stores component interface names
PSBUSPROCDEFN  Stores Business process definitions
PS_APPR_RULE_HDR  Stores Approval rule set definitions
PSCHNLDEFN  Stores channel definitions
PSEVENTDEFN  Changing the column value of active to 0 leads to disabling activities
PSFLDFIELDDEFN  Filelayout stored
PSFILEREDEFN  File reference stored
PSINDEXDEFN  Index information stored
PSIODEFN  Stores business interlink information
PSKEYDEFN  Stores the index key information
PSMPDEFN  Contains info about mobilepages
PSMSGAGTDEFN  Refers to the activity object
PSMSGCATDEFN  Related to Messages –  Message catalogs
PSMSGDEFN  Stores Application Message definitions
PSDBFIELD  Contains field definitions
PSDDLDEFPARMS  This table holds the storage structure of the tables for db platforms
PSGATEWAY  This table hold the gateway url.
PSIDXDDLPARM  This table holds the storage structure of the indexes for db platforms
PSRECDEFN  This table holds the information of all the peoplesoft records.
PSPACKAGEDEFN  This table holds the application packages definitions
PSPNLGRPDEFN  Contains Panel group definitions
PSPRDMDEFN  Contains the portal information
PSPROJECTDEFN  Contains project definitions
PSPRSMDEFN  Detailed information of the portal objects
PSPRUFDEFN  Information about portal objects
PSPRUHDEFN  Information about portal objects
PSQRYDEFN  Holds the query definitions
PSROLEDEFN  Role definitions
PSSQLDEFN  SQL object definitions are stored
PSSQLTEXTDEFN  SQL object’s text are stored
PSSTEPDEFN  Contains stepnames with reference to the activity
PSSTYLEDEFN  Contains the styles definitions
PSSTYLSHEETDEFN  Contains the stylesheet definitions
PSSUBDEFN  Conatins Message subscription definitions
PSTOOLBARDEFN  Holds a single row provided by PS, which helps to view the toolbar
PSTREEDEFN  Contains the treename
PSCLASSDEFN  Gives info abt the peoplesoft permission lists
PSURLDEFN  To see which URL’s are used as fileservers for the file attachments
PS_AE_TEMPREC_VW  Tracks all temporary tablenames and their descriptions
PS_AE_TEMPLOCK_VW  Tracks how many locks are currently in effect for a particulartemporary table
PS_DATA_FIND_BASE  Used as search record for the panel.  SHould always be empty.
PS_MSG_CATLG_VW  Contains text for all error messages and warnings.


PeopleSoft Security Tables

PSROLECLASS  Provides the permission lists associated to each role
PSROLEUSER  Gives info abt the roles assigned to the Oprid’s


PeopleSoft Login Details and Authorization

PSACCESSLOG  Login and logout information of the users
PSACCESSPRFL  Contains the symbolic id,accessid/password details.
PSCLOCK  Login fails if the table is empty
PSOPRDEFN  This table holds the peoplesoft Oprid’s/passwords info with symbolic id.


PeopleSoft Audit Tables

PSAUDIT  This table holds all the changes for panel/record modifications

PeopleSoft Version Details

PSRELEASE  This table holds the application release details
PSSTATUS  This table gives the peopletools information


PeopleSoft Language Details

PSLANGUAGES  Contains 1 for the column INSTALLED against the columnLANGUAGE_CD.


PeopleSoft Modules Listed

PS_INSTALLATION  List the modules in the database

PeopleSoft Process Type Details

PS_PRCSDEFN  Contains process type and process names
PSPRCSLOCK  Contains a single record, this gets updated when a process is submitted

PeopleSoft Process Status

PSPRCSQUE  Holds the process rqst details should be in synch with psprcsrqst.Should be in synch with PSPRCSRQST
PSPRCSRQST  This table holds the process submitted details
PS_CDM_LIST Contains the process instance details.Should be in synch withPS_CDM_AUTH
PS_CDM_AUTH  Contains the process instance details

PeopleSoft Report Node Details

PS_CDM_DIST_NODE  This table holds the report node information which contains the reportrepository details
PS_CDM_DISTSTATUS  Contains the definition of report status

PeopleSoft Batch Server Details

PS_SERVERDEFN  Contains the server definitions
PSSERVERSTAT Gives information about the batch server status


PeopleSoft RenServer Details

PSREN  Holds the portnumber details of a renserver configured domain

PeopleSoft Translate Value Details

PSXLATDEFN  Holds the translate fieldname and version number for caching
PSXLATITEM  Holds the translate fieldname and their values


PeopleSoft Object Versions

PSLOCK  This table is used for version control
PSOPTIONS  This table is used to turn off or on the change control enabling feature
PSVERSION  This table holds the version number details

Though we tried to compile a comprehensive list of all PeopleSoft tools tables but we may have missed some of those. If you know of any other important tables which are not present in above list, please do share with us in comment section below.


  • Dan Murray says:

    Utilizing PeopleTools 8.53 – in App Designer for a record definition and field a default value can be assigned in what PeopleTools table is that stored?

  • ERIC says:

    It is held in the field DEFFIELDNAME on the PSRECFIELD table. This table holds all of the information about fields in a table.

  • Edward Dalton says:


    I like this list but I don’t think it’s complete. I wanted to check my project and see all the objects that it contains. So I found the table PSPROJECTITEM at the following link:

  • Vijaya says:

    Thanks for the handy list.

  • Daniel Murray says:

    In addition to the tables identified there are some additional tables that I am trying to track down that deal with the BI Publisher Report Definitions – I believe I have found the major ones, but not the one that specifically states what template name it is actually utilizing. I have found – PSXPRPTDEFN, PSXPRPTTMPL, PSXPTMPLDEFN and PSXPTMPLFILEDEF. When we patched to Image 7 it wiped out our custom definitions and replaced them with PeopleSoft – I would like to track the name of the template files we have in place.

  • Shannon says:

    May I please have the full list

  • Ingrid says:

    Do you have a complete list of PeopleSoft 9.2 tables; specifically HRS tables?

  • Ty says:

    Can you send the full list. Is it updated to PT8.54

  • raghu says:

    This is really useful;

    Could you also elaborate on delivered tables

  • Elizabeth Searle says:

    Great list, Prashant! May I please get the downloaded version of this list? Very helpful!

  • Elizabeth Searle says:

    Excellent list – may I please get the download version?

  • gokul says:

    I am not able to migrate properly the BI publisher template and file definition.
    But it is showing in the tables.

  • Vaqas Ahmad says:

    Thank you!

  • John says:

    Is there a Query in PeopleSoft which shows USER IDs and their assigned Source?

  • Babu George says:

    Webprofile related tables are missing. I know one table “pswebprofnvp” which saves the webprofile information. This table is useful when using a load balancer. The virtual address data will be saved in this table.

  • Tree says:

    There are TONS of tables listed in the tools migration export script MVPRDEXP.DMS. I tried several times to copy the body here but I get an error when I submit. Probably too big, but it doesn’t say so. I would be happy to send it along if you can’t get it at your site.

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