About Us

Know about your friends at PeopleSoft Tutorial

"Since 2012 our mission has never changed: Help PeopleSoft consultants like you enjoy and easily learn PeopleSoft.

If you were going to tell a friend to start learning PeopleSoft, where would you tell them to go? Sure you can recommend a book or free YouTube videos. But what if you really wanted to guarantee results?


We wondered that ourselves. . . 
During our early days in PeopleSoft we didn't get much help and had to learn & train ourselves in PeopleSoft. There weren't many good resources available online too, so we decided to create the first one. PeopleSoftTutorial.com was just a blog to document our learning but we soon realized that it was really helpful to others too and we're still continuing that journey of creating new resources you can use to learn PeopleSoft.

All the PeopleSoft consultants in our team have their fulltime day jobs but the passion for PeopleSoft keeps them awake at night. In our spare time, we love to help our fellow PeopleSoft consultants & blog readers. 

Motivated by tremendous response that we got from PeopleSoft community, we decided to add more learning material and now we have lots of blog posts, ebooks and training to help people like you who want to start their career in PeopleSoft or would like to expand their existing PeopleSoft Skills..

Our only goal is to "Make YOU awesome in PeopleSoft".

These Core Values Drive Our Relentless Mission To Change The Way You Learn PeopleSoft

A refreshing part of who we are and why so many PeopleSoft consultants (both experienced and fresh out of college) trust us for their PeopleSoft education & competence starts with these core values.

1. Education Comes First.
You have to crawl before you can walk in this business. Education is the foundation and we believe you should never stop learning – so we’ll always keep teaching.

2. Great Service Is Guaranteed.
We don’t control the job market but we do control the relationship with have with our customers. Regardless of what you need, we’ll always be here to help you.

3. No Hidden/Secret Charges.
Our pricing is straightforward and published directly on our site. 99% of our content is free and only 1% is premium membership content. Premium membership pays the bill to keep this site up and running.