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A fully updated guide to create your first WorkCenter in minutes:
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    ​Simple & Easy. Written in plain English, avoiding unnecessary references and jargons that confuse and deter learning a topic.
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    Action Focused. Bookish knowledge is not enough. Employers look for hands-on experience and not theoretical knowledge. This book focuses on giving you the edge by letting you practice and apply your learning.
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    Goal Oriented. This book was created with a goal in mind - to help you design your first WorkCenter in minutes after reading this book.

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​Debbie ​B.

​PS FSCM Functional

“I purchased Arnav's PeopleSoft WorkCenter guide and regard it to be one of the best investments towards my career. I don't have to spend time wading through manuals and googling for solutions. Everything is clearly explained with screenshots and is a super handy whenever I need it.”

In The Book, You'll Discover:


You will learn about PeopleSoft WorkCenters, WC benefits and learn about a few delivered Workcenters like GL WorkCenter, WorkCenter in Fluid Mode, AP WorkCenter, AR WorkCenter.


​Learn all the different kinds of WorkCenters such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing, ​General Ledger, ​Asset Management, Treasury, Projects and how to configure them.


​Learn how to deliver improved productivity by ​​​creating a ​central ​area for the users to access various pages, and perform daily tasks without having to leave the Peoplesoft WorkCenters.


Learn how to configure WorkCenters delivered by Oracle as well as create new WorkCenters from scratch and apply filters to maintain security and create a Dashboard.

What Is Covered In This Book?

Chapter 1

Introduction to WorkCenters

You will learn about WorkCenter basics, benefits WorkCenters offer and get introduced to delivered Workcenters like GL WC, AP, AR WC etc.

Chapter 2

Configuring Delivered WorkCenters

You will learn how to configure a delivered WorkCenter. For the purpose of demonstration, General Ledger WorkCenter is used and concepts explained.

Chapter 3

Application Framework WorkCenter

You will learn about WorkCenter Application Framework, which is used to create or modify delivered WorkCenters, personalizing your pagelets and creating links.

Chapter 4

PeopleTools FrameWork WC

PeopleTools Framework facilitates in designing pagelets as per business requirement. You'll learn how to use PeppleTools Framework WC.

Chapter 5

WorkCenter Filter Definition

In this chapter, you'll learn how to make use of WorkCenter Filters to ensure that the users access only that data, which they are authorized for.

Chapter 6

WorkCenter Dashboard

In this chapter, you'll learn how to add Dashboards to PeopleSoft WorkCenter., which can be configured to add pagelets and show information as charts and graphs.

About the Author: Arnav Jain

Arnav has over 15+ years of experience in PeopleSoft and is currently working as Vice President at one of the largest banks in the world and leading their PeopleSoft practice. 

He loves helping others and is the creator of several PeopleSoft courses for PeopleSoft Finance, General Ledger, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Approval Workflow, PeopleSoft Fluid & PeopleSoft Workcenter & Pivot Grid.

Hundreds of PeopleSoft consultants have used his training to boost their PeopleSoft career. 


What People Are Saying


​Nathan ​S.

​PS Developer

“​I bought this book before starting a new 9.2 upgrade project ​coz I knew nothing ​about WorkCenters. I read the book during my flight and literally had a flying start in the new project. ​Thanks to the book, I knew much more than anyone else in the project about​ WCs. ”

​Dylan S.

​FSCM Functional ​

“​Though I knew what WCs are but I never used them. ​After reading the book, I created a few out of curiosity and I'm delighted to say that yes! they do really work and ​are​ a better way of doing things in PeopleSoft​.”

​Rosemarie P.

H​CM Functional

“Arnav delivers as promised. Using the book, I started on a late Friday night and by Saturday early morning - I had created my first Workcenter app.”

​Nick H.

​Upgrade Specialist

“​There are so many places to explore, things to experience and so, time is very important for me. I bought this book in blink of an eye! I've not read the book yet. I hope you deliver Arnav. LOL.!!!!!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I read this eBook?
This eBook is provided in PDF format. You can download and read this book from your computer or import this book to your iPad or tablet device and read it from the comfort of your bed!

Do you offer any money-back guarantee with this book?
Unfortunately due to the nature of this book (downloadable PDF), we cannot offer money back guarantee on this book.

What if I want to get in touch with the Author?
Email and the author will get back you within 24 - 48 hours except during weekends and public holidays.

Do I need access to PeopleSoft application?
To read and understand the concepts of PeopleSoft WorkCenter and Pivot Grids -- no, you don't need access to a PeopleSoft application. However, if you'd like to practice and master, you'll need access to a PeopleSoft application. If you don't have access to a PeopleSoft application, contact Kelly at and we'll provide you the resources you can use to build your own PeopleSoft application.

Can I share this eBook?

Purchase and Download of this book is licensed for individual use only. By agreeing to buy this book, you also agree not to share this book with others..

WorkCenter & Pivot Grids - A Beginner's Guide

Create your first WorkCenter within minutes

​Using PeopleSoft WorkCenters, you can easily 2x your productivity and now, using this comprehensive guide, you can learn WorkCenters quickly and easily.

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