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Our tagline is simple: Wear your skills with pride. 

You spend lot of time honing your skills in PeopleSoft and now is the time to showcase your expertise (in a fun way)

These PeopleSoft themed t-shirts are designed by PeopleSoft professionals just like you who share your love for PeopleSoft.

We love you

T-shirts for the techie in you

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Short Sleeve T-shirts

PSADMIN Characteristics

Developer, because superhero is not an official job title

System is slow because you wrote a bad sql

DBA Characteristics

DBA, because superhero is not an official job title

PSADMIN Characteristics

There are 2 types of people (MAXEFFDT)


I don't always test my code, when I do , I do it in production

App server is UP, database is UP. Go check your system

I write Peoplecode. What's your superpower


I would love to change the world

Keep Calm and let the DBA handle it

Keep Calm and Upgrade

Developer, Admin, DBA

Don't mess with a PSADMIN

Get in the line (Code)

DBA Characteristics

I Write PeopleCode

Developer , DBA, Admin - Venn Diagram

System is slow because you wrote a bad SQL

This is my coding shirt

There is no Cloud, it's just someone else's computer

There is no place like

sudo rm-rf. Don't Drink & Root

Declare variables not war

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