PeopleSoft Remote Lab e-Book

Oracle PeopleSoft is a hugely popular and widely implemented business solution. PeopleSoft consultants enjoy a high paying and rewarding career, but they almost always face one huge problem – access to PeopleSoft software for self training and learning to stay ahead of the curve.

You can install PeopleSoft on your computer, but a fully functioning PeopleSoft application has capability to slow down even the high performing personal computers. What you need is 24×7 access to a PeopleSoft remote lab, which will

  • Never slow down your primary workstation
  • Access to PeopleSoft irrespective of whether you’re using Windows, Mac or Chromebook
  • High performing and easy to use
  • Always available whenever you need it

Get the specialized guide on how to create your own PeopleSoft Remote Lab in less than 24 hours.



174 pages of Complete and Detailed Step by Step Explanation of Setup of PeopleSoft Remote Lab

checkmark1Each and every aspect covered – from signing up to installation, setup and configuration

checkmark1Personal tips to make the most out of our PeopleSoft lab

checkmark1 PeopleSoft Developers/Functional no longer need to depend on PeopleSoft Admins for PeopleSoft Installation


All your questions answered, leaving nothing to imagination

checkmark1Plus lots more!



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