What Can We Help You With?

by Kelly on October 9, 2014

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On Monday, 10/06, we sent out an email to our email subscribers asking them a question “What can we help you with?” The response was just amazing – we received 650+ responses!

For the last two years, we’ve been writing articles and creating products like cheatsheets, ebooks to help you do your job effectively to advance your career. We’ve grown into a big community of PeopleSoft consultants. I’m not sharing the numbers yet, but believe me – it’s really big! We’ll share those numbers when the time is appropriate, however, right now the focus of this post is something else.

The rationale behind sending the email was that our platform provided you articles and products, which were useful to us and in turn we thought will be useful to you as well. As the site has grown, we’re able to do bigger and better things as far as impacting people and creating tools and resources for people to be productive, push their limits and do something impossible.

In the last quarter of the year, we want to make sure our energy & resources are aligned in a way that best helps our readers (that means you). As part of that – we’d love to know how best we can help you personally – and help you push the limits, reach your 2014 goals and do something impossible in 2015.
Now back to the email we sent….
We sent out the email just to our email subscribers for their response. 650+ responses were received, which to be frank – we had not anticipated. In fact we had thought no body will care. Thanks to everyone and especially those who responded!
Additionally the email got forwarded, shared and we received responses from non-subscribers asking why we never asked them. So, here we are: A chance for everyone to sent their response till tomorrow and we will consolidate the responses in the weekend.
Just fill out the below form ….
After consolidating the results, we will reach out individually to those who sent their response – yes, each one of them!

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