"Create PeopleSoft Remote Lab" using PeopleTools 8.54

Get the specialized guide on how to create your own PeopleSoft Remote Lab in less than 24 hours using latest PeopleTools Release 8.54

You’ll Get:

  • 181 pages of Complete and Detailed Step by Step Explanation of Setup of PeopleSoft Application on Remote Lab.
  • Each and every aspect covered – from signing up to installation, setup and configuration of PeopleSoft Application.
  • Personal tips to make the most out of our PeopleSoft lab.
  • PeopleSoft Developers/Functional no longer need to depend on PeopleSoft Admins for PeopleSoft Installation.
  • Very easy to setup. Actually took less than 24 hours for me”


  • I like the tricks which are usually not mentioned in standard installation docs.”


  • Thanks for step by step instructions with screenshots."

    Rahul T

  • When I saw PeopleSoft login screen after I installed it myself, I was speechless.”

    Tim M