PeopleSoft Security - A topic that every PeopleSoft consultant deals with every single day. A topic that is on every PeopleSoft consultant's wishlist to learn and master. But a topic that hardly a few claim they understand it all.

Have you had days you wished you knew a little more, just a tad-bit more about PeopleSoft Security. Your job would have been much easier, you'd have been more productive at work, you'd have been an expert at all things PeopleSoft - an expert everyone looked up to.

You wanted to expand your skills in PeopleSoft Security but never had the opportunity or resources? Or may be you thought PeopleSoft Security is too complex and too vast a topic to learn.

An incredible opportunity to Master PeopleSoft Security is here: 

YES!!! You can build a solid foundation in PeopleSoft Security in under 4 hours. 

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PeopleSoft Security is one area that impacts all areas of PeopleSoft. Functional consultants rely on PeopleSoft Security Consultant to get their job done. PeopleSoft Developers rely on PeopleSoft Security Consultants to get their job done. PeopleSoft Administrators rely on PeopleSoft Security Consultants to get their job done.

What if you knew everthing about PeopleSoft Securty irrespective of your Peopleoft role/profile? 

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This is the ONLY Training you need to build a strong fundamental understanding in PeopleSoft Security.  


  • What are the different layers of PeopleSoft Security. What are Permission Lists, Roles and User Profiles and how to configure them. Learn how to grant access to different PeopleSoft Pages. 

  • What is PeopleTools Security, Definition Security and how to restrict access in Application Designer., How to audit changes made by user to PeopleTools objects using change control. 

  • Understand how to restrict access to different PeopleSoft processes using Process Group Security. What are Process Groups and Process Profiles. How to Migrate security between different PeopleSoft environments. 

  • How to configure Folder Security and component reference security. Learn how Portal Security is related to Application Security.

  • Identify Important security tables and useful SQLs that can be used to quickly debug the issues. Learn about PS Query security and how to use Query Trees, Query Profiles and Query Security Records.

  • Training is built on latest that PeopleSoft has to offer: PeopleTools 8.55 and Application 9.2

  • You will have LIFETIME access to the training videos from our Training Platform 'SkillsVine'


Lifetime access on SkillsVine

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Q: What is the duration and requirement of the course? 

A: All Training videos are made instantly available to you and you can watch at your own pace. It's expected that student has basic understanding of PeopleSoft and knows how to use PeopleSoft application and is familiar with Application Designer and Data Mover. 

Q: Is this a live training?

A: No, This is a Self-Paced training which you can watch at your own pace. Finish all the videos in one day or take weeks/months/years to finish it. 

Q: How long would I have access to training videos?

A: You will get lifetime access to Training videos from our Training Platform 'SkillsVine'

Q: Can I download the videos?

A: Nada.. Sorry. Think Again. Do you really need to download the videos? The videos can be accessed from any devices connected to internet 24x7. 365 days a year

Q: Do you provide additional support?

A: We want you to become awesome in PeopleSoft. Also included in the cost of the training is support. You also get access to forum, contact hours with the trainer, doubt clearing sessions, Q&A sessions and much more!

Q: Do you help in job placement?

A: We're not a job placement agency. But if you're willing to learn and demonstrate the skills, we'd be glad to recommend you in our circle of influence of over 7,000 PeopleSoft consultants.

Q: Do you provide on job support?

A: If you apply the skills learned during the training on your job, you will not need support in most of the cases. But we're here to help and learn from each other. We'll do whatever it takes to help you out.

Q: I represent an organization and would like to buy it for multiple students? Is there any discount?

A: We're proud to mention that hundreds of organizations from across the globe have used our training to train their employees. We are glad to offer discounts for bulk purchase. Please contact 

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