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If you work with one or more PeopleSoft applications, then this training will dramatically change the way you implement, support and upgrade your PeopleSoft application(s).


  • Learn everything about PeopleSoft Administration, PeopleSoft application and PeopleTools Upgrade, DPKs, SES, Elastic Search, PeopleSoft Update Manager etc..  
  • Systematically designed training format of Theory, Practicals, Quizzes, Installation & Troubleshooting Guides and Session Recordings to improve the retention power and in-depth understanding of PeopleSoft concepts.
  • Demo classes and step-by-step instructions to help you excel in PeopleSoft. 
  • Exclusive tips and tricks from real on-the-job experiences working in live projects. 
  • We created this training to make sure you never, ever struggle with PeopleSoft Admin & Upgrade tasks. Ever!

We GUARANTEE this is going to be one of the BEST TRAINING you've ever attended. We're proud to have 100% satisfaction till date.

Why You're Going to Love This Training..

  • Learn the latest version – PeopleTools 8.55 and PeopleSoft 9.2 Application
  • All the latest concepts included – PUM, DPK, SES etc. 
  • Systematically designed to invoke curiosity and awareness. 
  • Concepts/Theory and Practical/Demo sessions to provide you best of both. 
  • Life time access to our new and improved training platform (SkillsVine) to access training videos & materials. Trainers can monitor your progess & work with you on your specific needs. 
  • Life time access to training videos
  • Installation, Quick Reference and Troubleshooting Guides. 
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions. 
  • Quizzes 
  • Exclusive Discounts on other PeopleSoft training and books. 
  • Post Training Guidance

Topics Covered

1. PeopleSoft Installation

Firstly, we start building your basics in PeopleSoft. You will learn about several software, which come together to make PeopleSoft work. In this Do-It-Yourself approach, you'll learn Overview of PeopleSoft, PeopleTools, Important concepts like Single Sign-On, N-tier architecture, Installation of different softwares, Database creation and much more.

2. PeopleSoft Administration

Topics covered in this section are typical to what you'd do to support a PeopleSoft application. You'll learn to configure and administrater of Application Servers, Process Schedulers, Web Servers, PIA, Integration Broker, SES, Load Balancing, Performance Tuning, Supporting 3rd party software like MicroFocus Cobol, Crystal, PS/nVision etc.

3. PeopleSoft Update Manager

A newer concept in PeopleSoft that everyone needs getting used to in PeopleSoft 9.2 applications. You'll learn all about PUM - NEW maintenance process for 9.2 applications. This part of training includes setup/configuration , best practises and applying patches/tax updates using PUM process and PeopleSoft Virtual Images.

4. PTools & App. Upgrade

A must-have skill to make you ready for PeopleSoft Upgrades. You'll learn about different tools, processes, templates, best-practices required for a successful PeopleTools 8.55 and PeopleSoft 9.2 application upgrade even if it is your first time doing so. 

PeopleSoft Installation & Administration Course Content

Installation 2
Installation 3
Installation 4

PeopleSoft Upgrade & PeopleSoft Update Manager Course Content


Lots of Cheatsheets and How-To Docs

  • PeopleSoft Installation Checklist
  • Database Creation Checklist
  • Application Server Configuration Checklist
  • Process Scheduler Configuration Checklist
  • Web Server Configuration Checklist
  • Performance Tuning Checklist
  • Virutal Image Deployment Checklist
  • PeopleSoft Update Manager Checklist
  • PeopleTools Upgrade Checklist
  • Application Upgrade Checklist
  • Lots of how-to docs


“You guys did an incredible and awesome job. Even after 10 years of experience as PeopleSoft Techno-functional, I always had to get PS Admins to configure PeopleTools on my workstation. I did the course and installed all the PeopleSoft components by myself. I must say – I had tears in my eyes when I saw the login screen. I can not thank enough” – Abhilash


I was a Systems Administrator in our company and was assigned the duties of PSAdmin. I was overwhelmed with all the new information I needed to learn to become efficient in my job. While searching the internet for information on PeopleSoft I came across and saw the PeopleSoft Admin & Upgrade Training live class that was about to start. I was concerned about the money but it was a fraction of the cost of Oracle training so I decided to take a chance. I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the course. The instructors were great and provided extra material and cheat sheets that proved to be quite useful. I was able to rapidly come up to speed with my new duties. - Cheri F

It is no secret that I worked really hard during my training. I followed every lecture and made use of the activity guides and checklists to make the most out of it. As a result, I landed my dream job in an upgrade project 2 weeks after the training. Income is much better now and life is great :-) Kudos to what you guys did and continue to do so” – Shivam K 

The lectures were great and the supplemental material was just amazing. I can not believe you guys are offering it at a fraction of what Oracle charges for the same. It is a steal.” – Alicia C.

“I have been working in PeopleSoft for 20+ years. PoepleSoft has changed a lot (for better) and if you wish to learn the "New PeopleSoft," I highly recommend this course. Course fee may seem high, but treat it as an investment and I'm pleased to say that these guys leave no stone unturned to make your investment worthwhile. They go above and beyond for sure.” – Robert V N.

"Thank you guys for equally amazing support post-training. I nailed each and every job interview with all the concepts you taught and support you provided. God bless you!" - Rajini C.

"Great training - well laid out and awesome training material as well as support. Couldn't have asked for more." - Linda K

Still Having Doubts?


There has been just one person - just one amongst 150+ students who requested a refund and that too because his office/job circumstances changed. The training is taught by working PeopleSoft professionals and student feedback over the past 4+ years has transformed this training program to meet the exact needs of a working PeopleSoft consultant.  

Because of all the great feedback we receive batch after batch - we're confident that you'll love this training. But we know that you may have doubts especially if you've never done a training with us in the past or purchased any of our products. You're not sure of the value and quality we provide. 

Here is our 14-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you feel that we fell short of your expectations - just let us know and we'll refund you the full amount - no question asked. Period.  

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Q: Is it a live or self-paced (on-demand) training?

A: It is a pre-recorded on-demand training that you can watch at your on pace.

Q: Cost of training?

A: 1247

Q: I'm existing student. Am I entitled to a discount?

A: Yes, please mail Kelly at to get your discount code.

Q: I did the PS Admin & Upg training on a previous version of PTools. I'd like to do it again. Could you please let me know the applicable price in my case.

A: Please mail Kelly at to get your discount code. 

Q: Do you provide help in job-placement?

A: No, we're not a placement company. We're confident that after doing this training - you'd be in a position to crack any interview.

Q: What if I need help after the training is over?

A: You'll get access to our private forum, wherein you'll receive all the help you want.


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