PeopleSoft Classroom Training

Several PeopleSoft consultants have used our platform to receive training from experienced PeopleSoft consultants on a variety of topics related to PeopleSoft.

Click on the links provided below and get details of the training you’re interested in.

Training Topics:

  1. PeopleSoft Admin & Upgrade
  2. PeopleSoft Integration Tools
  3. PeopleSoft Technical Developer
  4. PeopleSoft Application Engine
  5. PeopleSoft Time & Labor
  6. AWE & Workflow for HCM and FSCM
  7. PeopleSoft HCM Functional
  8. PeopleSoft Security Admin
  9. PeopleSoft SES
  10. PeopleSoft Test Framework
  11. PeopleSoft Load Testing

Our Training History:

Till date 156 PeopleSoft consultants have received training from us and found great value in our training offerings. Here are some statistics:

  • 156 PeopleSoft consultants have received training from us.
  • 39 training batches completed, which included 1300+ training and contact hours.
  • All our training are backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back – there have been no refunds till date.

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