"Why Learn PeopleSoft PeopleTools?"

PeopleSoft development skills have been in great demand for several years now. PeopleSoft consultants easily earn more than $100,000 per year, which is much higher than the average salary of a programmer or developer working in IT.

Wondering why? Ofcourse there is demand but the secret lies in the fact that it takes years to master PeopleTools.

All this changes now!

No longer do you need to attend a 5 day class and expect to retain all that was taught in a series of boring lectures and average quality supplemental material.

You can now learn PeopleTools at your own pace and master each and every topic. Realize your dreams of becoming a high skilled PeopleSoft consultant, command higher billing rates, lead & manage bigger teams, upgrades and critical implementations.

Learn PeopleTools - Introduction

# This course will provide you with all the skills needed to become a proficient PeopleTools developer.

# This course follows a unique practical approach wherein you will build an application to introduce and understand concepts, from simple to complex.

# Start by creating a simple one-page application and progress by exploring various controls to prompt and display data on a page, and move to manipulating the page through PeopleCode, maintaining calculated fields, and use effective dating and parent-child scroll levels.

# The application that you will build during this course comprises elements of PeopleTools development that every PeopleTools developer should possess, and what every project manager or technical recruiter expects you to know.

# The video lectures are accompanied with notes alongside the video to help reinforce the material.

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"I was laid off from my previous job working as a Middleware Admin. I couldn't get a job for the next 3 months and was wondering about learning new skills. I was a bit hesitant to shell money to buy the PeopleSoft Developer bundle wondering if I'd be able to get a return of my investment. But I did invest. I invested in the course and my future.
I went through the course, did the homework and worked hard on developing my PeopleSoft skills for a month. 2 months down the line, I'm overjoyed to inform you that my investment and hardwork has paid off. I did amazing in the interview and landed a job a job with a Fortune 100 company. The knowledge and support I was provided was incredible."
- Dennis A L.
"Dan is an experienced PeopleSoft Developer and a master teacher as well as communicator. I bought this course along with the Application Engine course and I'm now quite comfortable taking on any PeopleSoft development project."
- Sarthak M.
"Great course! Great support team!"
- Shailendra S.
"I was in Testing and Automation earlier and never knew PeopleSoft consultants could earn so much. I am confident about my future now :-)"
- Cheryl M.
"I really love Dan's instructional videos and the support team's involvement with the members. The greatest thing is that you can do NOTHING BUT SUCCEED if you complete each step. They lay it all out for you!"
- Melinda S

"What Is Inside the Course?"

The course is divided into three distinct sections: Essentials, Progressions, and Mastery.

In Essentials, Application Designer, the PeopleTools Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is demonstrated, it's sections identified, and how definitions are opened, and organized into Projects. The common steps of PeopleTools is described, and you go through each step as you begin to build an application.

PeopleTools Progressions expands on Essentials by introducing Translate Values as an attribute of Field Definitions, and how you can make effective-dated changes to these values. You'll discover the behavior of some of the common page controls, such as radio-buttons, drop-down lists, prompted value lookup, and Effective Dated prompt tables. You'll learn about Related Display fields, and how they are bound to Display Control fields. You'll also learn how to create a custom search view.

PeopleTools Mastery introduces how PeopleTools enforces Referential Integrity, Scroll Levels within a component, and the purpose of Derived Work Records in your development. You'll learn how to manipulate the behavior of page controls based on the values of other fields on the page. And you will learn event driven PeopleCode, the programming language of PeopleTools.

All of these concepts are learned and reinforced through the use of careful explanation and demonstration as you build a significant application directly on a PeopleSoft instance..

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About the Trainer

I am a Certified Advanced PeopleTools Developer who believes complex technical skills can be learned most effectively in a direct, show-by-example method.

I have been doing PeopleTools development for over 10 years with clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. I know the skills a PeopleTools developer should posses,I know how to communicate these skills to you, and I understand the expectations that clients and hiring managers have of a PeopleTools developer.

- Dan Sticka

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