"Why Learn PeopleSoft Application Engine?"

Have you ever worked at an organization, which has PeopleSoft application installed and it does not heavily rely on Application Engine programs cranking tons of data, day-in and day-out?

In a live PeopleSoft production environment, 100s if not 1000s of appengine programs run every single day and many of them fail. It is not unusual to find yourself in situations where-in your clients want the appengine errors fixed in minutes.

Just not PeopleSoft Developers, but even PeopleSoft
Functional and PeopleSoft Admins are expected to be
skilled in Application Engine programming.

What makes PeopleSoft Application Engine programming complex is that these programs need to be highly efficient. They need to process tons of data in a matter of seconds to avoid poor performing SQLs, which slow down a PeopleSoft application.

No longer do you need to spend several thousands of dollars and an entire week in boring classroom classes, which hardly add any skill and leave you unsatisfied.

Like never before is an opportunity you always craved for. Learn and master PeopleSoft Application Engine at your own pace and super-charge your programming skills, far better than all others.

Learn & Master PeopleSoft Application Engine

This course is presented in two sections, which will help you learn concepts and then master them through practice. The two sections are: Introduction and Lab Project.

Section 1: Introduction & Concepts
The first section introduces the concepts of Application Engine. You will learn about organization of an Application Engine program, How sections, Steps, and Actions to control the flow of a program. Learn about each action type, demonstrating the use of each using a "Hello World" style program.

Section 2: Lab Project
The second section of the course is a Lab Project. You can either sit back and watch as the trainer creates an application engine program, explaining specific topics and techniques at each stage of the build. Or, you can follow along and create the application engine on your own PeopleSoft instance as the lab project progresses. Throughout the construction of the lab project, you will learn program flow and control structures, the usage of state records for passing information across program sections, and temporary tables to store intermediate data and allow for concurrent program execution.

You will learn how to set up your environment for tracing the program execution. At the end of this course, you will be fully capable of developing and maintaining application engine programs with ease and  

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"Dan is an experienced PeopleSoft Developer and a master teacher as well as communicator. The course had everything I needed to master Application Engine"
- Sarthak M.
"Earlier this year, my job responsibilities as a PeopleSoft Admin was expanded to include batch support and troubleshooting. I went through the course over the weekend and solved my first Application Engine code error on Monday. Words can't describe the emotions I went through.
Absolutely amazing!!! Thank you guys"
- Joaquin F.
"Great course! Great support team!"
- Shailendra S.
"I was laid off from my previous job working as a Middleware Admin. I couldn't get a job for the next 3 months and was wondering about learning new skills. I was a bit hesitant to shell money to buy the PeopleSoft Developer bundle wondering if I'd be able to get a return of my investment. But I did invest. I invested in the course and my future.
I went through the course, did the homework and worked hard on developing my PeopleSoft skills for a month. 2 months down the line, I'm overjoyed to inform you that my investment and hardwork has paid off. I did amazing in the interview and landed a job a job with a Fortune 100 company. The knowledge and support I was provided was incredible."
- Dennis A L.
"I really love Dan's instructional videos and the support team's involvement with the members. The greatest thing is that you can do NOTHING BUT SUCCEED if you complete each step. They lay it all out for you!"
- Melinda S

"What Is Inside the Course?"

Section 1: Introduction & Concepts
Lecture 1: Application Engine High Level
Lecture 2: Hello World
Lecture 3: Do While
Lecture 4: Do Until
Lecture 5: Do When
Lecture 6: Do Select
Lecture 7: SQL Action
Lecture 8: PeopleCode Action
Lecture 9: Call Action
Lecture 10: Log Message Action
Lecture 11: Recap of Actions
Lecture 12: Section and Step Properties

Lab Project:
Lecture 13: Review of Event Manager
Lecture 14: Lab Design
Lecture 15: Project Build Approach
Lecture 16: Build Run Control
Lecture 17: Define Process
Lecture 18: Read Run Control
Lecture 19: Temporary Tables
Lecture 20: Prepare to populate Temporary Table
Lecture 21: Load Temporary Table - Pass 1
Lecture 22: Load Temporary Table - Pass 2
Lecture 23: Complete the Program
Lecture 24: Test, Abend, and Restart
Lecture 25: Concurrency

Lecture 26: Event Manager Project Import
Lecture 27: Event Manager Project Import - Video

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About the Trainer

Dan Sticka is a Certified Advanced PeopleTools Developer, who believes complex technical skills can be learned most effectively in a direct, show-by-example method.

He has been doing PeopleTools development for over 10 years with clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He is well versed with the skills a PeopleTools developer should posses and knows how to communicate these skills to you.
He understands the expectations that clients and hiring managers have of a PeopleTools developer.

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