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by Kelly on September 24, 2014

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A few months back we published a PeopleTools cheatsheet, which was downloaded more than 4000 times! More than 150 of those took the time and effort to appreciate our effort via email and comments in the website as well as Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We truly loved those 🙂

Buoyed by the amazing response, we have been working on a few additional useful material for our readers. You can download these guides and read them on your iPads, Kindle devices, computers and stick the cheatsheets in your work desk for quick reference whenever you need it.

In order to download the PeopleSoft Guides and Cheatsheets – all you need is to signup below.

Why do we need you to signup? We need you to signup in order to receive the guides and cheatsheets because we want them to be available for only those who are really interested and motivated to make the best use of it. Once you subscribe, it makes it easier for us to send you updated versions of the same and new materials whenever they become available.

As for privacy – we respect your privacy a 100%. You will never receive any spam emails from us.

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