Things To Keep In Mind Before Assigning PeopleSoft Administrator Role

by Prashant August 12, 2015

PeopleSoft Administrator Role is special system role that can be assigned to user profiles. Unlike other PeopleSoft roles, you can’t see the permission list (PSADMIN) associated to this role. Even if you search for this role in PeopleTools > Security > Permissions & Roles > Roles, you won’t find it. Try to open up the […]

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PeopleSoft Token authentication failed: issuing node PSFT_HR is not a trusted node

by Apurva T. July 13, 2015

If you’ve implemented single signon and it may cease to work in certain situations like when database refresh is done or PIA is reinstalled. You can get error like “PeopleSoft Token authentication failed: issuing node PSF_HR is not a trusted node.” Single signon setup usually breaks when you do a database refresh and do not exclude […]

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PeopleSoft Payables Integration Points

by Apurva T. June 3, 2015

PeopleSoft Payables offers a lot of integration points with other PeopleSoft applications from Oracle that you have purchased, such as: PeopleSoft Asset Management PeopleSoft Billing PeopleSoft Claims Management PeopleSoft Cost Management PeopleSoft eSettlements PeopleSoft Expenses PeopleSoft General Ledger PeopleSoft Inventory PeopleSoft Pay/Bill Management PeopleSoft Payroll PeopleSoft Project Costing PeopleSoft Purchasing PeopleSoft Real Estate Management PeopleSoft […]

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PeopleSoft Payables Business Processes

by Apurva T. June 2, 2015

  PeopleSoft Payables business processes are: Online Vouchers / Quick Invoices Voucher Build Matching Budget Checking Voucher Maintenance SBIs PrePayments Voucher Posting Pay Cycle and Manual Payments Drafts Taxes and Withholding Payment Posting Inquiry and Reporting Archiving Share this ..emailLinkedinFacebook0Google+0

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What is PeopleSoft Payables?

by Apurva T. June 1, 2015

What is PeopleSoft Payables? Oracle’s PeopleSoft Payables a part of PeopleSoft Financial Management family of applications and is integral to PeopleSoft’s procure to pay solution. At core, it a basically a processing center that processes the payment of liabilities of an organization. PeopleSoft Payables provides automated invoice and payment processing to ensure timely and accurate […]

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List of PeopleSoft SES Tables

by Apurva T. May 8, 2015

There are certain scenarios in which you’d like to have a list of PeopleSoft SES tables handy. Some of these scenarios include: PeopleSoft instance/database refresh – When copying a PeopleSoft instance or database, for example – production to test, you may want to exclude the SES tables so that SES server details and index definitions […]

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PeopleSoft Jobs and Schedule JobSet Definitions

by Apurva T. May 1, 2015

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler enables you to schedule one or more processes as a group. The terminology you use to identify such a group in PeopleSoft is known as a PeopleSoft Job or PSJob or just job in short. A PeopleSoft Process is defined as a single task, program, or routine, such as a COBOL program […]

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Learning PeopleSoft Application Engine

by Kelly April 20, 2015

PeopleSoft Application Engine is a PeopleTool designed to help you develop and process high volume, background data processing in batch or online mode. In PeopleSoft Application Engine, a program is a set of SQL statements, PeopleCode, and program control actions (that enable looping and conditional logic) defined in PeopleSoft Application Designer that performs a business process. […]

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NotFoundException (219,3101) PTFP_FEED.FeedFactory.OnExecute Name:getFeed PCPC:8132 Statement: 122 Called from PTSF_DP_SBO_WRK.PTSF_UNDEPLOY_BTN.FieldChange Statement 24 %1 with ID=”%2″ could not be found.

by Apurva T. April 1, 2015

This error usually comes after a database refresh has happened. Root cause of the error is that the application database and the SES database have gone out of sync. The error show up when you try to undeploy a SES index and when you try to do “Report Sync Issue,” nothing happens. The error reads […]

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Integration Synchronous Handler: No destination node can be determined for the request on node xxx (158,963)

by Apurva T. March 19, 2015

Depending on the action you’re performing, you would see a bunch of messages in between the following two lines of error messages: Integration Synchronous Handler: No destination node can be determined for the request on node xxx (158,963) After applying filters for sender specified routing, node transactions, relationship transactions and the PeopleCode event OnRouteSend, a […]

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How to Cleanup SES Statistics Data

by Apurva T. March 3, 2015

All the SES Query log data, which you see in various tabs of SES console, including General tab, Statistics tab is stored in the SES database. There are situations wherein you might need to clean this data for example, if you want to capture statistics of a query, which has performance issues and you want […]

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What are ChartFields in PeopleSoft?

by Apurva T. February 28, 2015

Before we discuss ChartFields in PeopleSoft, let us discuss two terms before that – Account and Chart of Accounts. What is an Account? An account is a separate record of each type of asset, liability, equity, revenue and expense.It shows the beginning balance, increase and/or decrease and ending balance for a specific time period. For […]

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CFO Tool provides details of new features in PeopleSoft Images

by Prashant February 12, 2015

CFO or Cumulative Feature Overview tool is used to identify product features available to you when upgrading to a new release. As we mentioned earlier that recently Oracle converted this tool from a excel based utility to a web based tool. Any user can go to the web based CFO tool and see the differences […]

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[INS-20802] Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed.

by Apurva T. February 8, 2015

During the installation of SES, you may come across an error “[INS-20802] Oracle Net Configuration Assistant failed.” This error is due to conflict between a declared environment variable and a configuration value provided during the installation. The variable usually causing this is “ORACLE_HOME” You can get further details of this issue from the log file […]

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Report Sync Issues in SES

by Apurva T. February 2, 2015

When you uninstall and reinstall a SES instance or you refresh a PeopleSoft instance, you can end up getting several trivial issues. Most of these issues revolve around the fact that the PeopleSoft database and the SES database have gone out of sync. The obvious way to resolve these error is to do “Report Sync […]

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Java Out of memory Error when Crawling SES Index

by Apurva T. January 22, 2015

When you schedule a search definition, it might run forever, especially in case of a large index like HC_HR_JOB_DATA or HC_BEN_HEALTH_BENEFIT or  HC_HPY_CREATE_ADDL_PAY. If you go to the crawler log located in 1ds*.MMDDHHMM.log in <SES>/oradata/ses/log – you might notice an “out of memory” error like the one mentioned below: Crawl Fails and Logs Error “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: […]

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EQA-13000: Operation “delete” Cannot Be Performed on an Object Type “schedule” in State “EXECUTING”. ( 262,1018)

by Apurva T. January 21, 2015

When you face this issue with indexes in SES when you try to undeploy them or do report sync issues – you will receive an error and there are multiple versions of this error, namely: EQA-13000: Operation “delete” Cannot Be Performed on an Object Type “schedule” in State “EXECUTING”. ( 262,1018) EQA-13000: Operation “delete” cannot […]

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