Components of a PeopleSoft System

by Prashant January 20, 2013

PeopleSoft Enterprise Solution is made up of an architecture which involves usage of several types of servers each playing a critical  part in the functioning of PeopleSoft Application. Here is a listing of PeopleSoft Components with a brief description of services it provides. If you want to read more about each of these components, you […]

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PeopleSoft DBA Interview Questions – Part3

by Prashant January 20, 2013

1)      Tell about yourself and responsibilities ? 2)      What are the  basic day to day activities? 3)      What is report notes? 4)      What is jolt? 5)      What is PIA? 6)      What are the basic services? 7)      What is the PeopleSoft security? 8)      In 7.5 to 8.8 what is the security difference? 9)      Difference in All ID? […]

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What are Tuxedo Processes

by Prashant January 19, 2013

TUXEDO stands for Transactions for UniX Extended for Distributed Operations. Tuxedo is one of the most important base on which PeopleSoft Application Server is based. When an application server is booted there are several Tuxedo services that are started along with other Application Server processes. A)  BBL: ( Bulletin Board Liaison) The Bulletin Board Liaison […]

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PeopleSoft Jobs – PeopleSoft Interview Questions Set # 02

by Kelly January 18, 2013

Continued from PeopleSoft Jobs – PeopleSoft Interview Questions Set # 01 Looking for a PeopleSoft job? We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a huge database of PeopleSoft interview questions, which will help you sail through any interview for PeopleSoft jobs. The questions in this and other posts on “PeopleSoft Interview Questions” are good to know […]

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Applying Oracle Patches in PeopleSoft

by Prashant January 17, 2013

1. Overview Patch sets are a mechanism for delivering fully tested and integrated product fixes on a regular basis. Patch sets provide bug fixes only; they do not include new functionality, and do not require certification on the target system. Patch sets include all the libraries that have been rebuilt to implement the bug fixes […]

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PeopleCode Interview Questions – Part1

by Prashant January 16, 2013

What is the difference between SQL Object and SQL Exec? SQL Object can be used with Fetch to return multiple rows, whereas SQLExec can fetch only one row. What is the difference between User defined and System Defined Variables? User-defined variables These variable names are preceded by an & character wherever they appear in a […]

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SQL to Retrieve Navigation of a Process in PeopleSoft

by Apurva T. January 16, 2013

Following SQL is used to find out all Processes Defined in PeopleSoft System. Additionally this query also provides Components attached with Process Definition and Navigation from where this process can be executed. This query is tested on Oracle platform. Select S.prcsname,S.prcstype, S.pnlgrpname,N.navigation From (Select A.prcsname, A.prcstype,B.pnlgrpname From PS_PRCSDEFN A, PS_PRCSDEFNPNL B Where A.prcsname = B.prcsname) […]

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How to Find Unused Permission List in PeopleSoft

by Apurva T. January 15, 2013


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PeopleSoft DBA Interview Questions – Part2

by Prashant January 14, 2013

Note: Some of the information related to setup and installation may no longer be valid due to ever changing Operating Systems and application versions/architecture. If you have any specific doubts, please post it in the comment section. 1)      What are the PSDBA responsibilities? Installation of PeopleSoft, upgrades, administration, applying tools& Application patches,fixes &service packs, refreshes of database ,supports PS […]

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Migration of Peoplesoft 3rd Party Objects

by Prashant January 13, 2013

1. Overview Following are a few major 3rd Party tools that are supported by PeopleSoft Applications. Changes are occasionally made to the delivered code in order to suit the business needs as per the customer’s requirements. COBOL SQR nVision Crystal As part of standard requirements, COBOL and SQR program migration needs to be done at […]

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Peoplesoft Upgrade Overview

by Prashant January 12, 2013

  1.What is an Upgrade? A PeopleTools Upgrade updates the underlying PeopleTools tables ( and files ) only. No changes are made to Application data, only PeopleSoft system data is changed. Normally this is a PSAdmin project which does not require Application specialists. Since application data remains untouched, most user would not even know the […]

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Processes Queued in PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

by Prashant January 11, 2013

In Peoplesoft, many times we face the error like the reports are in queued staus for a long time & even if we run more reports, they also go in the same status. There could be number of reasons for it: Process Scheduler could be down. Check the status in Process Monitor> Server List If […]

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How To Bypass PeopleSoft SignOn Page

by Prashant January 5, 2013

PeopleSoft access is controlled by user id/password but sometimes you would need to publish a PeopleSoft page to public i.e users who don’t have access to PeopleSoft. Lets say you want to show the PeopleSoft career page on your company’s website where applicants can apply for job. As these application won’t be having access to […]

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Running a PeopleSoft COBOL in a Unicode Environment

by Apurva T. January 3, 2013

The character set that is used for PeopleSoft COBOL processing must match the character set for your database. If you created a Unicode database for the PeopleSoft system, you must also run COBOL in Unicode. The Unicode standard provides several methods of encoding Unicode characters into a byte stream. Each encoding has specific properties that […]

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What is JOLT and related processes

by Prashant January 3, 2013

PeopleSoft application server relies on Jolt, a companion product that co-exists with Tuxedo, to handle all web requests. In other words, Jolt is the bridge between PeopleSoft application server and the web server (any supported one) that facilitates web communication. Tuxedo helps schedule PeopleSoft application server processes to perform the actual transactions. When the application […]

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Useful Unix Commands for PeopleSoft Administrators

by Prashant January 2, 2013

As a PeopleSoft admin, you will need to perform Unix administration as well (if your appserver or webserver is hosted on a Unix box). There are only a few Unix commands you will need to know to perform Unix administration tasks as a PeopleSoft admin. Note that Unix is case sensitive and you will need […]

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PeopleSoft Cobol Compiler Options

by Apurva T. January 2, 2013

Purpose of this article is to answer FAQs about PeopleSoft and COBOL Compilers and let you know the PeopleSoft Cobol Compiler options you have. Some PeopleSoft applications use routines written in COBOL. Since COBOL is primarily suited to batch processing, you’ll likely use COBOL with applications like PeopleSoft Payroll. There are two components for running […]

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What is PeopleSoft Batch Environment

by Prashant December 29, 2012

What is PeopleSoft Batch Environment? Its a combination of databases, the batch server, the process files (located on the batch server or elsewhere) any clients that run batch routines and all process scheduler services. Batch environment allows us to run pre programmed routines either on demand or on a scheduler. Along with its work to […]

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