How to Install Oracle 32 bit Client on Windows 64 bit and avoid the error INS-30131

by Apurva T. February 28, 2014
You may receive the following error when trying to install the Oracle Client 32-bit and 64-bit on the same Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) machine: Installation of Oracle12c Release 1 Client 32-bit Failed: “[INS-30131] Initial Setup Required For The Execution Of Installer Validations Failed. You may receive this error when trying to install the  Oracle Client 32-bit […]
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Oracle Virtual Box: How to take backup of PeopleSoft Virtual Images

by Prashant February 26, 2014
Depending on their type, PeopleSoft Virtual Images can be used for application maintenance, demo, training and upgrade activities. Over a period of time, you may end up making changes to delivered PeopleSoft virtual images. To avoid losing any changes that you made, you can take backup of your PeopleSoft virtual image and Oracle Virtual Box […]
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What are PeopleSoft Fixes, Patches, Bundles, Maintenance Packs ?

by Apurva T. February 25, 2014
Here is a refresher of some of the commonly used terms, which you use in your daily life as a PeopleSoft consultant. Fixes – Smallest unit of maintenance. A fix generally resolves a single specific issue. For example, Oracle may give you a fix for a production down issue. Patches – Patches are very similar […]
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PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade: Upgrade Planning Files and UPGOPT project

by Prashant February 24, 2014
When we start PeopleSoft Upgrade, target environment (Copy of Production) needs to be setup first so that upgrade steps, scripts can run successfully during upgrade pass. This process involves copying projects, files and other scripts into the target environment. Step ‘Applying Upgrade Planning Files’ involves copying UPGOPT project from new release PS_APP_HOME to the target […]
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PeopleSoft Update Manager: PI_HOME inaccessible

by Prashant February 13, 2014
When configuring PeopleSoft Update Manager using Change Assistant, you are required to map pi_home directory on your local system . If you don’t map the pi_home, Change Assistant configuration won’t finish and you can’t generate and apply patches using PUM tool. Below are few things that may help you in fixing this issue. 1. Make sure you are […]
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PeopleSoft Virtual Image Crashed

by Prashant February 10, 2014
Since the time PeopleSoft Virtual Images have been available for download and deployment, I have been a great fan of these. PeopleSoft Virtual images truly makes it easier for anyone to deploy and start using PeopleSoft in matter of couple of hours. PeopleSoft Images work fine in most of the cases but I had faced few issues which […]
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PeopleSoft Update Manager: User not authorized to access to PeopleSoft

by Prashant February 7, 2014
Recently I was working on configuration of PeopleSoft Update Manager to apply ‘Required at Upgrade’ fixes on my Upgrade Source Image and had deployed both the PeopleSoft HCM Image 9.2.005 and HCM Upgrade Source. But during the Change Assistant configuration, I got this error “User not authorized to access to PeopleSoft”. As I was using […]
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Understanding Oracle vs PeopleSoft Databases

by Apurva T. January 17, 2014
An Oracle database is a set of SQL objects defined by one system catalog in the SYSTEM tablespace and one SID (System IDentifier), using one instance of the Oracle server executables and associated files. Within Oracle shops, the Oracle database is commonly referred to as the Oracle SID. A PeopleSoft database is a set of […]
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Steps for a PeopleSoft Installation

by Apurva T. January 7, 2014
PeopleSoft installations need to be done in a certain order to minimize the issues, which arise with installation. Following are the sequence of steps you need to go through for PeopleSoft installation. These steps are generic and give you an idea of the overall process irrespective of the software, hardware and PeopleSoft/PeopleTools version you decide […]
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What are different types of PeopleSoft Virtual Images?

by Prashant December 23, 2013
As most of you would already know that Oracle is now delivering PeopleSoft Virtual Images that can be used for variety of purposes like Demo, training purposes, applying patches, during upgrade etc. One thing to note here is that there are 3 different types of images currently available and you should review these image types, then decide and deploy […]
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E-ORA SYS.DBMS_STATS has errors ORA-06508: PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called: SYS.DBMS_STATS

by Apurva T. December 5, 2013
While doing PeopleTools upgrade via Change Assistant, you may encounter this error: E-ORA SYS.DBMS_STATS has errors ORA-06508: PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called: SYS.DBMS_STATS The error message is indicative enough to suggest that there are invalid dba_objects. To make sure, run the below command: SQL> select owner, object_name, object_type, status from dba_objects where […]
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PeopleSoft Interview Questions

by Kelly November 28, 2013
Below are the recent interview questions for a position in Corning Inc, NY. The position was for PeopleSoft Administrator. The answers provided by the candidate are also mentioned. You can have a look at the questions and answers and compare it with what you would have answered. 1) How do you configure app server and […]
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List of PeopleSoft Integration Broker Tables

by Apurva T. November 23, 2013
  Here is the list of PeopleSoft Integration Broker tables according to their categories. Please note that this list will not match completely your PeopleTools version because Oracle tends to add or remove tables with different PeopleTools release. However, the important Integration Broker tables will continue to find favor and will remain in the list. […]
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Cannot activate more than one master domain (158,2836)

by Apurva T. November 20, 2013
In PeopleTools release 8.51 and higher, by default, only one domain can be active in the Integration Broker system as no more than one active PUBSUB domain is recommended. Those already in on PeopleTools 8.51 or higher would have seen it and those who’re moving to the latest version of PeopleTools are likely to see […]
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The Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial

by Kelly November 19, 2013
Since 2008, Python has consistently ranked in the top eight most popular programming languages as measured by the TIOBE Programming Community Index. Strong Python programming skills can better your chances at landing a job at Google, Yahoo, NASA and many other top companies of the world. If you want to learn Python and learn it […]
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REL851unDBTSFIX Script Failed – PeopleTools Upgrade Bug

by Apurva T. November 6, 2013
When upgrading database from PeopleTools 8.50 to PeopleTools 8.53.06, you’re likely to see a situation where the step “Updating PeopleTools System Tables” fails. The failure is while running REL851unDBFIX.sql. Subsequently the error is encountered for REL852unDBFIX.sql and REL853unDBFIX.sql as well. The REL851UNDBTSFIX.log will show that all the SQL statements were executed and no errors were […]
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SQL Query to find Records and Fields used in a PeopleSoft Page

by Apurva T. October 28, 2013
Many a times you come across a situation when you need to find records behind a page or records associated with a field and so on. Most of such situations arise from the need to debug an issue and find a resolution for the same. In this article you will find a few helpful SQL […]
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How to Get Latest Alerts on PeopleSoft Update Manager

by Apurva T. October 25, 2013
PeopleSoft Update Manager is the new lifecycle management process for PeopleSoft 9.2 customers to use for all their application maintenance needs. PeopleSoft Update Manager will be of limited help if you do not stay current with the latest updates released by Oracle. This article highlights the process you should follow to stay current with any […]
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