​Have your tried to search for a solution on Oracle Support but you get similar search results even if you change your search term? Not sure if it happened with you but it has sure happened a lot with us.  Looks like Oracle has few top results (may be popular) that are ranked higher than […]

Your PeopleSoft application is really at a risk of getting hacked as a security vulnerability was found recently. Due to this, any hacker can easily get into your PeopleSoft application and can access critical data such as payroll, personal info, financial information without need for a valid username and password. It’s a scary thought for […]

PeopleTools 8.56 released on June 09 2017 comes with new features for development, system etc. Unlike PeopleTools 8.55 list of new features is not big but there are few changes worth noting. PeopleTools 8.56 Operating System Support PeopleTools 8.56 won’t support the following OS SuSE Linux Solarix x86-64 Linux on Z system As per Oracle, […]

Oracle Weblogic 12.2.1 for PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.56 is certified to work with Windows 2012, 2012 R2, Oracle Linux 6, 7, RHEL 6, 7, IBM AIX 7.1, 7.2 and HP-Unix 11.31. PeopleTools 8.56 supports Java 8 enabled 64-bit Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1. Before you can install Oracle Weblogic 12.2.1, you must have operating-system specific Java Developers […]

Oracle Weblogic for PeopleTools 8.56 needs Java 8 or more specifically Oracle JDK 1.8.0_65+ for Microsoft Windows. If your machine does not have JDK 1.8.0_65 or higher, it may be something you need to install/upgrade before installing Oracle Weblogic. How to Install Java 8 for PeopleTools 8.56 First you need to download JDK 8 […]

PeopleTools 8.56 is certified to work with Oracle Tuxedo on platforms such as Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2, Oracle Linux 6 and 7, RHEL 6 and 7 among others. You need to download Oracle Tuxedo 12cR2 from Oracle Cloud. When you download, it will be with the name V789910-01.zip, which you can unzip. Once […]

Whenever you plan to upgrade PeopleSoft or any other software that is related to PeopleSoft such as Operating system, Database, Office application, you always want to check if it’s certified with version of PeopleSoft application you plan to use. This information is provided by Oracle under PeopleTools certifications. I get these questions a lot from […]

Oracle finally released the latest version of PeopleTools i.e. PeopleTools 8.56 on June 90, 2017. The biggest feature of PeopleTools 8.56 is Elasticsearch, which was released ahead of schedule in PeopleTools 8.55.11 itself. Apart from Elasticsearch, there are some nice features likes Classic+, which we’ll explore in upcoming posts. This post is to help you install […]

On June 09 2017, Oracle released PeopleTools 8.56. It was announced on Oracle’s Blog and with links to PeopleTools 8.56 reference documents. Before you take a deep dive into PeopleTools 8.56, watch below video to understand what’s new in this latest version of PeopleTools. See : How to Install PeopleTools 8.56       Share […]

Windows PowerShell is getting more common now-a-days with Oracle PeopleSoft DPKs needing you to run PowerShell scripts. In fact, it is not just limited to PeopleSoft – it is pretty common with Administrators, who manage Linux, Windows and networked clients. Way back in 2001, ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer branded Linux “a cancer” during the height […]

PS/nVision is the reporting tool which many users love to use for reporting and its easy to use with lot of nice features.  But at times when it doesn’t work, it becomes not-so-nice tool. In this post we will discuss how to fix the issue when PS/nVision opens up blank excel and doesn’t show the output. […]

Continuing with the topic of manually installing Elasticsearch, we first covered the need for manual install and performed manual install of Elasticsearch on Windows and in this post, we’ll cover installation of Elasticsearch on Linux. There have been two options to download Elasticsearch, one via Oracle Cloud and another one via My Oracle Support. Unfortunately […]

How to Manually Install Elasticsearch on Windows

by Apurva T. April 9, 2017

Since it’s release, PeopleSoft Elasticsearch DPK install has had a few issues, which cause install of Elasticsearch to fail for a variety of reasons. We’ve covered some of them earlier and since new DPK install updates have been having some issue or the other, we thought it would be best to cover the manual install […]

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How to Find if a Server is Virtual or Physical

by Apurva T. April 6, 2017

Generally speaking most virtual environments are hardware virtualized. In many cases you can’t easily run another hardware virtualization layer inside of that. That is why some software require that the machine they run from – it has to be physical. So, sometimes you may have a need to find out if a server is virtual […]

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How To Change PS stylesheet using SQL

by Prashant April 4, 2017

Stylesheets as the name suggests is the piece of code that adds style to your PeopleSoft application. When you log into PeopleSoft application, all the menus, colors , design are controlled by stylesheets. PeopleSoft application comes with a default stylesheet which can vary between different Application releases. Here are the default stylesheets for different PS […]

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Understanding PeopleSoft Web Profiles

by Apurva T. April 1, 2017

PeopleSoft Web Profile is a named group of configuration properties that portal applies throughout your PeopleSoft system to control all of your PeopleSoft portal related behavior. In a PeopleSoft system, you can have multiple web profiles enabled and you can route users to a particular web profile and control things like timeout, look and feel, […]

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IM003: Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126: The specified module could not be found

by Apurva T. March 27, 2017

You may get this error “IM003: Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126: The specified module could not be found” when trying to use Crystal in 2-tier mode. This error is likely a setup/configuration issue. There is a lot, which has changed lately w.r.t. using Crystal in PeopleSoft. Read this for […]

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How to Delete PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Server Definitions

by Apurva T. March 9, 2017

In some cases like database refresh, when PTools tables also get refreshed – you may end up getting unwanted process scheduler data in your Process Scheduler tables. For example, you may end up getting a process scheduler server name, which does not exist in that instance. Sometimes it may cause issues like a process not […]

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