You can hide PeopleSoft portal objects (e.g. content reference) from PeopleSoft Navigation. This can be done by navigating to ‘Structure and Content’ and selecting  the checkbox ‘Hide from portal navigation’. Navigate to PeopleTools > Portal > Structure and Content  Incase you don’t have access to this page to view the configuration, you can check this […]

Not all the PeopleSoft modules use Cobol and even those which use Cobols — not all of them use the Remote Call. PeopleSoft Cobol programs that use remote call can be found in NA Payroll, FSCM etc. PeopleSoft Remote Call programs can be frustrating at times. Sometimes they may break for no reason. And of […]

After PeopleTools Upgrade, you need to compile Cobol programs and the entire process becomes trickier if you have custom Cobols, or if you use a custom compile script instead of the usual process laid out by Oracle and MicroFocus. Due to this it is pretty common to face Cobol issues post-PeopleTools upgrade. In this article, […]

PeopleSoft Update Manager or PUM has become part of daily life of PeopleSoft consultants and so has the task of troubleshooting issues related to PUM. While troubleshooting an issue related to PUM, I had the need to look at some PUM tables and felt that you may also have a need for the same. Hence, […]

It is common to have have Posting issues after PeopleTools upgrade or Database refreshes or even PeopleSoft application upgrade. So, what exactly happens in a PeopleSoft Posting issue? When you run processes or PSJobs via PeopleSoft process scheduler — all those processes would get stuck in Posting status after going to success or going to […]

When performing upgrades using Change Assistant, most of the tasks, which require manual input are taken care by the Change Assistant itself. For example, when migrating a project or when copying a project manually using AppDesigner, you need to manually take care of the Copy and General Options. It is not the case when using […]

During PeopleTools upgrade or PeopleSoft application upgrade, you may get an Oracle error: ORA-00997: illegal use of LONG datatype. This post will walk you through the steps to workaround and resolve the error. I encountered this error during PTools upgrade and based on the symptoms, it looks like you may face this error in PeopleSoft application […]

When you install PeopleTools, you’re asked whether the database is Unicode or Non-Unicode. Many-a-times, people make an incorrect selection because of incorrect information they had (I’ve heard comments like “I thought the database is Unicode but it turned out that production database was created as Unicode but the development database was created as Non-Unicode.” There […]

During installation of PeopleTools with Oracle database, there is a common error, which occurs during the step of Database Setup. This error is Character Length Semantics (CLS) not Enabled. Character Length Semantics (CLS) is not enabled error occurs when you select the type of database as Unicode and then you’re prompted to select the type of PeopleSoft […]

During PeopleTools upgrade, there is a step to convert LONG datatypes to CLOB and BLOB. When using Oracle database, you may get this error: ORA-60019: Creatin g initial extent of size 14 in tablespace of extent size 13 The numbers associated with the extend size may change according to the tablespace involved in the DDL statement […]

In the recent PeopleTools versions, there has been a new option to avoid PeopleSoft process scheduler posting issues. This option validates whether PeopleSoft Report Node definition is correct or not. There is a Validate button in the Report Node Definition page, which does this job. In ideal cases, when you have the report node defined […]

PeopleSoft PeopleTools DPK Installation Locations

by Apurva Tripathi May 1, 2018

When doing native PeopleSoft PeopleTools VCD installation – you had to install several software separately and provide several locations as input during the installation process. For example, you had to provide PS_HOME, JDK Home, Tuxedo Home etc. When carrying out PeopleSoft PeopleTools DPK installation, you would be asked to provide only the location of PeopleSoft […]

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Elasticsearch Split Brain Problem

by Apurva Tripathi April 21, 2018

When you start Elasticsearch on a server, you get a Node for Elasticsearch. When you you start Elasticsearch on another server or another instance of Elasticsearch on the same server, you get another Node. All these nodes together form a Cluster. With a cluster of nodes, data can be spread across multiple nodes. If you […]

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How Does PeopleSoft Identify & Present According to your Device

by Apurva Tripathi April 15, 2018

In old days when the PeopleSoft application was non-responsive i.e. it was supported only for desktop/laptop computers, it was okay for us to open a PeopleSoft session in our smartphones and deal with regular finger zoom in-outs to carry the work we intended to. With the PeopleSoft application becoming Fluid capable and responsive, this task […]

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What is JoltPooling?

by Apurva Tripathi April 10, 2018

PeopleSoft uses a middleware, Oracle Tuxedo to manage transactions between the application server and the database. PeopleSoft also uses Oracle Jolt for communication between PeopleSoft application server and the web server. When you install Tuxedo, Jolt gets installed by default and both, Tuxedo and Jolt are the required elements of the PeopleSoft application server. The PeopleSoft […]

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Understanding Weblogic Memory Allocation, Heap Size & Garbage Collection

by Apurva Tripathi April 4, 2018

Those who’ve worked with PeopleSoft application for long will remember days when PeopleSoft application performance issues were a common occurrence. Hardware and software technology strides in the recent years have made PeopleSoft performance issues a thing of the past. Now-a-days, it is common to have an acceptable performance of PeopleSoft application right out of the […]

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How to Install & Configure PeopleTools 8.56 Midtier Using DPKs

by Apurva Tripathi April 2, 2018

Before PeopleSoft DPKs, it took a lot of time to install the needful software and deploy and configure PS_HOME, app, web and batch domains. Not only you had to download several software and run through different types of installation for each but you had to then spend time configuring them. PeopleSoft PeopleTools DPKs make all this […]

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