Process Scheduler plays an important role in PeopleSoft application by performing batch transactions & running processes and reports. Due to its significance in PeopleSoft architecture, availability of process scheduler become critical. Most of the organizations deploy multiple process scheduler to handle the requests. Still at times, process scheduler can behave erratically (specially when running on […]

Ever wondered how many users are connected to PeopleSoft database? This is different than users who login into PeopleSoft application via web. You can find users who make direct SQL connection with your PeopleSoft database. This includes anyone using SQL client tool, PeopleSoft development tools and connections made by PeopleSoft server such as application server […]

PeopleSoft Access ID also known as Owner ID is the owner of PeopleSoft tables. In Oracle, it’s commonly used as ‘SYSADM’  and ‘sa’ for SQL server. All PeopleSoft tables belongs to this user id and this ID is created during the database creation. You may need to change password for PeopleSoft access id /owner id […]

PS query is a powerful tool for end users to fetch data from PeopleSoft application and users can create public and private queries. Although public queries can be viewed by anyone having access to Query Viewer or Query Manager but private queries can only be seen by the user who created them. But there could […]

Cryptojack, a recently coined verb that is not in the dictionaries yet but may soon find its place! The word Cryptojack has been derived from the word hijack, which as per dictionary means: to force someone to give you control of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship that is in the middle of a trip. Someone who hijacks someone else’s ideas or plans uses those ideas and claims to have created them. Several real life incidents […]

How do you notify PeopleSoft users about an event that has a system wide impact such as planned downtime or any other important update? Do you broadcast emails or post notice on internal portal or do you put a custom message for PeopleSoft login screen ? Here is how to put custom message on PeopleSoft […]

So you created an awesome private query and now you want to share it with another user. Since it’s a private query only the user id who created the query will have access to it. One way is to change the ps query from private to public. By making it public, everyone who has access […]

There is a general difference between public and private query. As the name suggests, public query is available for everyone whereas private query can be used by the person who created it. But there could be a scenario, where you want to transfer private query of one user to another. This could happen when someone […]

If you know the component name & have SQL access, you can use this SQL to find the navigation to the component. However there is an easier way to find the navigation to a component or page from PIA. Navigate to Enterprise Components > Find Object Navigation. On this page, you have different options to […]

You can use below SQL to find PeopleSoft Navigation to a component. In below SQL replace the value of PORTAL_URI_SEG2 with your component name. SELECT DISTINCT REVERSE(LTRIM(SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH (REVERSE(PORTAL_LABEL),’ >- ‘),’ >- ‘)) “NAVIGATION” FROM PSPRSMDEFN P WHERE PORTAL_OBJNAME = ‘PORTAL_ROOT_OBJECT’ START WITH PORTAL_URI_SEG2 = ‘PRCSDEFN’ — Replace with your Component Name CONNECT BY PRIOR PORTAL_PRNTOBJNAME […]

You might know that you can modify translate values for PeopleSoft field from Application Designer by simply opening the field properties and navigating to ‘Translate Values’ tab. To perform this action, you need to have access to application designer. But did you know you could do the same from PIA very quickly? Yes, you can […]

​Have your tried to search for a solution on Oracle Support but you get similar search results even if you change your search term? Not sure if it happened with you but it has sure happened a lot with us.  Looks like Oracle has few top results (may be popular) that are ranked higher than […]

Your PeopleSoft application is at a risk of getting HACKED..

by Prashant December 14, 2017

Your PeopleSoft application is really at a risk of getting hacked as a security vulnerability was found recently. Due to this, any hacker can easily get into your PeopleSoft application and can access critical data such as payroll, personal info, financial information without need for a valid username and password. It’s a scary thought for […]

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New Features in PeopleTools 8.56

by Prashant June 21, 2017

PeopleTools 8.56 released on June 09 2017 comes with new features for development, system etc. Unlike PeopleTools 8.55 list of new features is not big but there are few changes worth noting. PeopleTools 8.56 Operating System Support PeopleTools 8.56 won’t support the following OS SuSE Linux Solarix x86-64 Linux on Z system As per Oracle, […]

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PeopleTools 8.56: Installing Oracle Weblogic 12c

by Apurva T. June 15, 2017

Oracle Weblogic 12.2.1 for PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.56 is certified to work with Windows 2012, 2012 R2, Oracle Linux 6, 7, RHEL 6, 7, IBM AIX 7.1, 7.2 and HP-Unix 11.31. PeopleTools 8.56 supports Java 8 enabled 64-bit Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1. Before you can install Oracle Weblogic 12.2.1, you must have operating-system specific Java Developers […]

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PeopleTools 8.56: Installing Java 8

by Apurva T. June 14, 2017

Oracle Weblogic for PeopleTools 8.56 needs Java 8 or more specifically Oracle JDK 1.8.0_65+ for Microsoft Windows. If your machine does not have JDK 1.8.0_65 or higher, it may be something you need to install/upgrade before installing Oracle Weblogic. How to Install Java 8 for PeopleTools 8.56 First you need to download JDK 8 […]

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PeopleTools 8.56: Install Tuxedo 12cR2

by Apurva T. June 13, 2017

PeopleTools 8.56 is certified to work with Oracle Tuxedo on platforms such as Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2, Oracle Linux 6 and 7, RHEL 6 and 7 among others. You need to download Oracle Tuxedo 12cR2 from Oracle Cloud. When you download, it will be with the name, which you can unzip. Once […]

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PeopleTools 8.56 Certifications

by Prashant June 12, 2017

Whenever you plan to upgrade PeopleSoft or any other software that is related to PeopleSoft such as Operating system, Database, Office application, you always want to check if it’s certified with version of PeopleSoft application you plan to use. This information is provided by Oracle under PeopleTools certifications. I get these questions a lot from […]

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