Best Apps for a PeopleSoft Consultant

by Apurva T. on April 13, 2013

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PeopleSoft consultants need a variety of tools and apps. Also, due to different client locations, different preferred products used, you may end up having a lot of software. Over the years, we’ve developed inclination towards a few software and we’ll recommend them here. Based on our experience, you will not feel the need for any other software beyond these. As you can guess it – we’re promoters of open source and free for fall software and hence, our recommendations also reflect the same.

If you believe that we’ve missed any software or tool, which is worthy of finding a place here, please let us know in the comments section below. Please note that all the comments will not be approved and only those will be approved, which are indeed a great suggestion.

Text Editor

NotePad++, UltraEdit and TextEdit are our favorite text editors. All the three editors are free.

SQL Editor

Oracle SQL Developer, QTADO and WinSQL are our favorite SQL editors.

Download Manager

Download managers are extremely important because sometimes you need to download huge files and you need to the ability to resume downloads rather than start them all over again. Free Download Manager Lite is our favorite download manager (Lite version works fine for us). Readers of this blog have also recommended Firefox extension DownThemAll.

File Comparison Tool

Beyond Compare is our favorite file comparison tool.

Zipping and Archiving

7zip and WinRar are the ones which we use for zipping and archiving. 7zip has become our stable archiving and compression utility.

Screenshot Capturing

I used SnagIt almost forever and started missing it when I moved from a client location to a different (you see, I was using their licence :-). I liked it very much and it took me time to find a great alternative. I now use PrtScr and Jing.

PDF Viewer

I never really liked Adobe Acrobat Reader from the beginning itself. I was always uncomfortable using it. Instead I use SumatraPDF and Foxit Viewer.


Without a doubt, VMWare is the first thing which comes to our mind whenever we speak about virtualization.


MS Security Essentials (with licensed copy of Windows), AVG AntiVirus (Free) and Super Anti Spyware are installed on our computers and we never faced any issues till now. Of course, we are vigilant of web pages we visit as well as software or documents we download!

Mount ISO Files

Virtual CloneDrive is an excellent choice for using ISO files. You can use it to mount ISO files without burning them to CD.

Sound Editor

We do a lot of video recordings for training purpose and one free software, which has been of extreme help is Audacity.


I’m currently using JkDefrag (Free).  It’s not an object of beauty to look at, but it does the job (not just defragmenting, but also moving the files into optimum positions on the drives).


,CrossLoop (remote control / screen viewing), Comodo FirewallPro (Firewall) andWinDirStat (hard disk space analyser). I’m sure there’s more, I’ll add them as I remember.

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